Heddy Abramowitz

Above the Davidka, oil on Jerusalem stone ground 
55 x 37 cm Towards City Center, oil on linen
80 x 100 cm
Construction Site, oil on canvas on board
30 x 25 cm
Jaffa Road Rooftop I, oil on linen
25 x 40 cm
Jerusalem January, oil on canvas mounted on board
34 x 44 cm Pedestrian Crossing, oil on linen
80 x 60 cm Jaffa Road, Late Summer Afternoon, oil on linen
45 x 45 cm Wet Intersection, oil on canvas on board
25 x 25 cm

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Man in the city is a primary focus of my painting.  I am interested in seeing the earthly Jerusalem as one encounters it in everyday life, the nitty-gritty of the streets people walk on, the vistas of the here and now. An un-pretty urban reality requires breaking the convention of Jerusalems image.  The geometry of the city structures as they interconnect, the dance of the strong summer light on building facades, or the more subtle interplay of greys in the overcast light of the winter each add another facet to  our view of city life.  City streets have poetic and often overlooked qualities which provide an alternative version of beauty. 

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