Heddy Abramowitz


Born in Brooklyn, New York, Heddy Abramowitz moved to Israel in 1979 and calls the densely populated Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem´s Old City home. Her main focus is observational painting with particular interests in Jerusalem urban landscape, still life, the figure, introspective self-portraits, the Holocaust as legacy, the Jewish woman, and occasional social commentary. The cusp between abstraction and realism is among the issues she examines in her work. 

Starting her college education as an art student at the Syracuse University School of Fine and Applied Arts, she switched to an academic track and continued art studies in tandem. In Israel, she studied with leading contemporary figurative artists including Jan Rauchwerger, Sasha Okun and was in the first Master Class of Israel Hershberg’s Jerusalem Studio School, traveling twice with the school to the Maryland Institute and College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland, for cultural exchanges.

She has exhibited widely in Israel, including the Corinne Maman Ashdod Museum of Art, the Noga Gallery in Tel Aviv, the Ein Hod Gallery, Ranana‘s Gallery on the Lake, and solo shows the Tel Aviv Artists House, the Jerusalem Artists House, and poet Linda Zisquit’s Artspace Gallery in Jerusalem.

In 2004, she was awarded a full international fellowship and residency at the Vermont Studio Center and has works in the permanent collection of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Named a finalist in the International Jewish Artists of the Year Award for 2007 by the Ben Uri Gallery /London, Museum of Jewish Art, her work was exhibited at Christie’s Auction House in London. In 2015 she participated in two exhibitions at the Jerusalem Biennale.


2015 Cross Point,  The Artists´ House, Tel Aviv Feb 26, 2015— Mar 21, 2015
2014 Intersections Artspace Gallery, Jerusalem 
2014 Dusks Artspace Gallery, Jerusalem 
2005 Twilights Artspace Gallery, Jerusalem

2000 In Light of the Situation The Artists´ House, Jerusalem

1996 Clips Drawn From Life The Jerusalem Theatre Gallery, Jerusalem
Home(less), Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion Museum, New York City
The Painting Salon, The Cubia Gallery, Jerusalem
Jerusalem: A City for the Ages, AACI Glassman Center, Jerusalem

Autumn at Artspace, Artspace Gallery Jerusalem

A Fine Line, The Jerusalem Biennale, Achim Hasid Complex, Jerusalem
A Sense of Space / Sense of PlaceThe Jerusalem Biennale, Achim Hasid Complex, Jerusalem
The Seventh Day: Revisiting Shabbat, Hebrew Union College Museum,New York City (through Jun 2014)
Touched by the Holocaust  Synagogue for the Arts Gallery, New York City
Sexuality Spectrum  Hebrew Union College Museum, New York City (traveling exhibit in US through 2015)
Salute to the Valiant
Yad L´Banim (Soldier´s Memorial Organization) Tel Aviv (traveling exhibit in Israel)
Black and White Red House Gallery, Tel Aviv
Sixteen Israeli-American Artists Skizze Gallery, Jerusalem
Signed Personally: Artists Creating After the Holocaust  Beit Gabriel on the Galillee, Tiberius

The Jewish Quarter: Seeing Places and Creations Jerusalem Municipal Gallery

2010 Limmudarts, Warwick Arts Centre (photography) Coventry, England

2009 Housewives and Heroines Antea Gallery, Jerusalem (Project Initiator and Manager)

Our Remembrances (Zichroneinu) Beit Hayil HaAvir, Herziliyah, sponsored by Ministry of Defense for 60th
anniversary of Israel (traveling exhibit in Israel)

Personal Space, Private Views Yakar Gallery, Jerusalem  
Man and Earth Oman Gallery, The Jerusalem Foundation, Jerusalem

International Jewish Artists of the Year Award, finalist Christie’s, London
Woman’s Bag Gallery on the Lake, Ranana

2006 Women at Work Hadassah Berry Gallery, Jerusalem

2005 Walking on Eggs The Corrine Mammon Ashdod Museum of Art

Traces II (Biennale in Drawing) The Artists´ House, Jerusalem
Group Show Artspace Gallery, Jerusalem
It’s Me Yakar Gallery, Jerusalem

2003 Self Portrait Gallery, Artist Colony, Ein Hod

2002 Art Fair Park Avenue Synagogue, New York City

2001 Traces - Drawing in Israel Now (Biennale in Drawing) The Artists´ House, Jerusalem

2000 33 X 33 The Artists´ House, Jerusalem

Master Class The Artists´ House, Jerusalem
Master Class The Noga Gallery, Tel Aviv
Landscape Workshop with George Nick The Artists Residence, Herziliya
Faith in Art The Popolos Gallery, Dizengoff Center, Tel Aviv
Faith in Art The Gerard Behar Center, Jerusalem

Global Focus Beijing, China, during the Fourth International Congress of Women and in association with the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, D. C.

Omanut L’Am (Art for the People), drawing

The Hebrew University, two oil paintings purchased for the Permanent Collection of the University, Office of the Rector

The Shomer Shabbat Synagogue, Ark Curtain, Toronto, Canada       


Has work in private collections in Australia, Canada, England, France, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Mexico, and the United States

Artist-in-Residence, Kol HaOt Center, Artists' Colony (Khutzot HaYotzer), Jerusalem

Finalist, International Jewish Artists of the Year Award, The London Jewish Museum of Art and The Ben Uri Gallery 

Vermont Studio Center, International Fellow, Full Grant Residency

Jerusalem Studio School – First Master Class with Israel Hershberg, including two cultural exchange seminars
at the Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, Maryland

Studies with Sasha Okun

Studies with Jan Rauchwerger

Participated in fine arts classes, Georgetown University, Washington, D. C.

Studies at the Syracuse University School of Fine and Applied Arts, Syracuse, New York


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